What is J GROUP?

Japan Group is made up of twelve businesses in all. Our five main companies are Japan Food Service, Japan Trading, Japan Delica, New Point and Japan Fine Food. In addition, we have three affiliate companies and four overseas affiliated companies. We call ‘Japan Group’ for short.

Japan Group Map

Head Office / Sales Office

J GROUP Head Office
  • Japan Food Service Co.,Ltd.

    Specialized in sales of imported poultry, Japanese poultry, processed foods and pork products.

  • Japan Trading Co.,Ltd.

    Specialized in sales of Chinese processed chicken food and import raw materials from Thailand and Brazil also.

  • Japan Delica Co.,Ltd.

    Specialized in sales of rice flour products made from America and Thailand. This is for Japanese traditional snacks like Okaki, Arare, Senbei and rice cake.

  • New Point Co.,Ltd.

    Conclude an Exclusive sales agreement in Japan with RF ECPORT Co.,Ltd which specialized in seafood products in India. Obtained excusive sales rights of the Seafood products in Japan with RF ECPORT Co.,Ltd. Also, specialized import Seafood products like Fried Shrimp、Shrimp Tempura, Shrimp Cutlet, Stretched Shrimp and Squid/Octopus processed products from Vietnam.

  • Japan Fine Food Co.,Ltd.

    We farmed Eco-friendly Black Tiger Shrimp, Soft Shell Crab and Hard Shell Crab in Bangladesh. The place located World Heritage as largest mangrove in the world.

Affiliated Company

Affiliated Company
  • Thanks Foods Co.,Ltd.

    Specializing in sales of Japanese pork, Broiler and Imported poultry products in Kyushu.

  • North Japan Food Co.,Ltd.

    Specialized in sales of poultry products, processed seafood products and Japanese pork in Hokkaid.

  • Shanghai RSF Trading Co.,Ltd.

    Located Shanghai as capital city for business, specialized in import and export China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, India and South America.

Overseas Affiliated Company

Overseas Affiliated Company
  • Qingdao Richen Foods Co.,Ltd.

    Research, Development and Produce for Specialized sauce and mixed powder as Japanese standard.

  • Fujian Sunner foods Co.,Ltd.

    Management Chicken farm surrounded by a lot of beautiful nature. Biggest factory for processed poultry products in China


    Factory for processed seafood products surrounded by full of natural resources like shrimp, squid and octopus in Kerala India

  • Santa lzabel Alimetos Ltda.

    Factory for processed poultry products in PA Brazil

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